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Bespoke & Customised Profiles

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  • Here at Absolute Mouldings, we offer a wide range of products, that are suitable for any home or business property. If you’re looking for bespoke skirting boards and profiles, along with an array of other mouldings that are handmade here the UK, we’ll be sure to supply whatever you’re looking for. We provide both our products and services to a mix of industries and are particularly popular in the following sectors: DIY, Joiners, Property Development and Estate Agents.

    Skirting Boards, Architraves and Blocks

    If your private or commercial property could do with a finishing touch, that matches your existing décor, our bespoke skirting boards are an ideal choice. This method of adding style and finesse to your rooms allows you to hide untidy areas of your wall and alter the look of your premises. We offer a wide range of skirting products in a variety of materials and finishes, to ensure that you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for, whether you are going for a modern look or a period style. Alternatively, we can create outstanding looking architraves, that can transform any doorway into an impressive entrance to your room. In addition to this, architraves can also be used to add a decorative touch to your windows, altering the look of your premises.

    Bespoke & Customised Profiles

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    Decorative Mouldings and Beads

    Are you looking for something that adds the perfect embellishing touch to your room? If so, our range of decorative mouldings are a fantastic choice, and come in a variety of designs and styles. Whether you are looking for a simple design or intricate mouldings, we are sure that we can create something which compliments your private or commercial property.

    Flooring and Cladding

    Aesthetics can often compromise practicality, and it’s important for the flooring and cladding in your property to be fit for everyday use, which is why at Absolute Mouldings we spend time on creating quality products, that don’t compromise style for durability. Our range features many different styles and types of wooden flooring and cladding. The materials we offer include the distinctly durable Swedish Redwood, the highly versatile Tulip Wood, classic rustic Oak, MDF and Timber – and the fact that our products are all handmade means that you can customise the size, material and pattern to your preference.

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    Doors, Windows and Frame Profiles

    The range of doors we offer are made to suit up to 40 inches (1 metre) wide and 120 inches (3 metres) tall. All doors can be customised and sprayed in any choice of colour. We also offer a range of door frames to finish off the look of your door and to add the finishing touch to your property. We offer traditional box section sash windows for single or eco double glazed units from 10mm to 28mm. The bespoke windows we offer come in a range of materials and designs.

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